Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can You Feel the Love?

I don't. Neither does Nick DeLeeuw over at RightMichigan.

Talk about voter disenfranchisement. And to think the Dems would have us believe its only Republicans who are guilty.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Power to Tax...and the Power to Destroy

"Conservatives realize that politics (and the preservation of our liberties) ain't beanbag. They don't invest their future in the platitudes of "hope," "bipartisanship," or "kumbaya." In the end, these are just recklessly naive expressions of confidence in the power of government to deliver us from all hardship.

Instead, conservatives believe that government is a necessary evil to establish order and promote the common defense and the like but otherwise must be restrained in order to unleash the power and freedom of the individual."

So, how do you define a conservative? All Republicans are not conservatives. Are all conservatives Republican?

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Why Being #1 Is A Bad Thing. . . . .

Michigan again is the national leader in job loss and unemployment rate. From 2006 to 2007 Michigan lost 1.5 percent of its jobs. And 2008 isn't looking any better. We've already lost 3,900 nonfarm jobs in the first two months of 2008.

If you are an auto worker your wages have been growing - enormously. Wages have increased 27% between 2001 and 2006. Of course, your jobs are disappearing fast. But hey - if you're one of the lucky few to still have a job your average compensation is over $88,000 annually. Plus benefits! Of course your long-term job security doesn't look too good but you can just naively blame NAFTA and nasty big business for that.

Kudos though to Dave Agema for introducing a bill that would prevent the DEQ from enacting environmental rules that are more stringent than federal law. At least Republicans understand that business only grows in a friendly environment.

More information is available here from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Calling all "Bracketheads"

March Madness is here! No, I'm not talking about Obama's pastor or Hillary's astonishing fall in the Democratic primary.

If you're a brackethead (and if you need to ask what a brackethead is, you definitely are not one) here is your chance to combine March Madness with your support for McCain. Personally, I'm going for the McCain fleece. Even though hubby wants me to win the McCain hat for him!

Sorry, he's on his own. Join in the fun here!

Arlan Meekhof on Environmental Responsibility

From the Grand Haven Tribune. . . . . .

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama's Inconvenient Truth

There is an inconvenient truth about Senator Obama's proposed spend-and-tax proposals that his naive supporters need to face. No matter how you parse the numbers taxes will have to be raised on a whole lot of taxpayers - and we're not just talking about the uber-wealthy here. At the very least, taxes will have to be raised on everyone earning over $31,000 AGI (adjusted gross income) per year. I don't think too many folks think an annual income of $31,000 puts that taxpayer in the ranks of the wealthy.

Americans, and particularly Obama supporters, need to face the fact that America can not tax itself into prosperity for all. Nor should we. America is the land of opportunity. All Americans have the freedom to take advantage of education, work hard and strive for the American dream. That's it. No guarantee of actually achieving it. Especially through the taking of hard-earned money from those who have earned it.

There's more here. . . . .

Saturday, March 15, 2008

All Politics Are Tribal

This is a a great article in defense of Geraldine Ferraro. I never thought I would be defending Geraldine and Hillary, but here goes!

Gambling on Gambling

Some of Michigan's legislators are looking into selling the state lottery to a private concern. The theory here is that the money would be put into an endowment which would earn more money in interest than the lottery brings in. Sounds good on paper, but the devil may be in the details.

Like so many of the laws that are enacted, there are usually unintended consequences. This idea certainly needs to be explored thoroughly before any votes are taken. And the wording needs to be looked at "six ways from Sunday" to make sure that all the consequences are intended.

This may fall into the same category as the states that have been looking at selling their toll roads. Sure, the initial windfall looks good - but inflation will eventually take its toll (no pun intended).

Or maybe we should just sell the Mackinac Bridge instead.

More information is available here and I'll post more as I find it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Even ABC Is Weighing In. . . . .

I've started a new thread because yesterday's revelations on Obama's pastor are just so amazing.

This is not something new for Obama. He has attended this church, with this pastor, for 20 years. He was married in this church, by this pastor, his children were baptized in this church, by this pastor.

This was all over talk radio and Fox News last night but got no mention in the MSM. Amazingly enough, ABC did do this story on their website. The NY Times is covering it, as well as the Washington Times. Others may be too but that's where I've seen it so far today.

And Another Thing. . . . .

Bear with me - one more thought:

Why was Mitt Romney's faith put under a microscope, endlessly examined and questioned. But not Barack Obama?

Another mainstream media double standard.

Getting it Wright

Consider this a Public Service Announcement. With Barack Obama the presumptive Democratic candidate it's time we take a closer look at the man, his policies, his history and his religion. Here are a few links to articles describing his relationship to his church. . . . and more importantly, to his pastor:

Obama's Church - Investor's Business Daily

A Candidate, His Minister and the Search for Faith - New York Times

A Sermon's Echoes Threaten Obama - New York Times

Who Is Jeremiah Wright? - Free Republic Website

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't Hang Up!

Please, take a few minutes and answer your telephone. As the 2008 election campaign fires up, you may receive a telephone call from a pollster.

I realize these calls may seem inconvenient and they often call at the most inconvenient times. But if you want your voice to be heard you should listen and give the person calling your honest opinion. You may ask why. Most polls are conducted using a very small sampling of the population. Many national polls rely on the responses of as few as 1,000 voters.

So even if you are only one voice, your responses will have a nationwide impact. Polls, particularly during election seasons, are heeded by candidates and are used by the news media to sway opinions.

So the next time you get a phone call (usually during dinner) please take a minute or two of your time to give your opinion on a candidate or issue. This is your chance to stand up and make a difference!

A World Without America

I read this article a few days ago. . . . . There's a lot of truth to it, but we need to work to keep America in a position of strength. Or America will begin to look like some of the world's most desolate desperate places.

Hurray for Hollandwood!

It looks like Hollywood is coming to Holland. Congratulations to Hopwood DePree and his TicToc Studios. Maybe we'll being seeing stars on Eighth Street!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How to Commit Voter Fraud

I don't get it. What reasonable person would be against something as simple as requiring a photo identification at the polling places? Makes sense to most of us, but it certainly would make voter fraud more difficult.

Luckily, voter fraud is not a huge issue in West Michigan. But it does influence our state-wide contests.

This linked article discusses how the voter fraud game has been played like a pro in some areas of the country.

Stryker Strikes Out

An article in the Washington Times describes the problems faced by John Stryker - our not-so-favorite Democratic/liberal financer.

And here's more information and commentary on the matter. Democrat vs. Democrat? Interesting.

Private Plows = Good Stewardship in Ottawa County

Whenever government makes a decision that is wise and benefits the taxpayer they should be applauded. So, with that philosophy is mind - here is my contribution to recognizing smart government in Ottawa County!

Is There A Doctor In The House?

So, Dr. Jack Kervorkian (Dr. Death) is planning to run as an unaffiliated candidate against Joe Knollenberg for his House seat. At least, that's what ABC News is reporting here.

For obvious reasons (I hope) Dr. Kervorkian is totally unsuited to represent Michigan. But the question I have is "If a convicted felon can't vote, how on earth can he run for elected office?"

Any answers?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Honoring Those Who Served

The Holland Sentinel reports on Pete Hoekstra's efforts to make sure that every veteran who is entitled to a medal receives their medal.

Thank you Pete for your efforts in this very important cause. I know there are many veterans and their families who appreciate your efforts on our national heroes' behalf.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Myth of America's Unpopularity

Is America really despised throughout the world? Certainly we are by some people (including unfortunately some of our own citizens). But the mainstream media, some far left celebrities and even many Democrats would have us believe America is hated throughout the world. That's a pretty strong statement. And it isn't true.

Our next President will surely face some decisions will affect the opinion of America by some factions and nations. But hopefully our new President will have the discernment to recognize the reality that tough and good decisions will always be viewed negatively by some. So pray for our next leader to have the courage to make the right decisions for America. Even when the decisions are unpopular.

Read more here . . . . .

Change You Can Believe In. . . . . .

Who needs speechwriters? Certainly not Barack Obama - here is the boilerplate for all of Mr. Obama's speeches. (You can fill in the blanks yourself)!

Do Over? I Don't Think So!

Republicans and Democrats in the Michigan Legislature approved legislation to move Michigan's Presidential Primary up to an earlier date. One hopes our legislators voted on this with their eyes wide open and aware of the potential consequences. Now, for the Democrats at least, the consequences have come home to roost and they want to change their minds. Too bad.

It's claimed that Democrat voters are being disenfranchised in Michigan (and Florida too for that matter). Maybe so, but who exactly disenfranchised them? Plenty is being said about the legislation that led to their "disenfranchisement". But the real blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, and John Edwards. They are the ones who willingly removed their names from Michigan's Democratic ballot. And now it is Barack Obama (as the only candidate left) who is paying the price. You have to give Hillary Clinton credit on this one. She chose to leave her name on the ballot, thus not joining her fellow candidates in Michigan's Democratic disenfranchisement. So, in my opinion Hillary should be awarded Michigan's delegates, each and every one of them, at the Democrat's national convention.

After all, she followed the law. The rest of them chose to ignore Michigan's legislation and bow down to the altar of the Democratic National Committee.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Persuadable Minds

I think this article resonates with anyone who cares deeply about politics, religion, economics, well. . . . . . about anything. We do live in a society where critical thinking skills are no longer taught - or even valued. Combined with information/technology overload, mainstream media that no longer gives us the facts - just opinions, an increasingly short attention span and an educational system in many areas that is broken it's small wonder that we are raising children who will as adults be unable to independently form a reasoned thought-out position.

It's up to us as parents and grandparents to make sure we give the children in our lives the ability to think, measure and research issues.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rescuing the Rust Belt

This article by Thomas Sowell should be "must reading" for those of us who call ourselves "Michiganians". Maybe we could start with our Governor, then maybe some of the honchos at the UAW, throw in some required reading for all elected state representatives and senators with a "D" behind their names. . . . . . that would be a really good first step.

If Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado get it (just to name a few) why can't Michigan?

Do You Speak Michigan?

I confess. I've been looking for a serious commentary on children's health insurance (thanks to a caller this morning who needed some help). So far no luck on the article, but I keep running across other "stuff" that makes me chuckle. And, of course, I want to share. So, in the spirit of fun and remembering that Michigan is still a pretty special place to live (in spite of the snow, our Governor, unemployment, snow, strikes, higher taxes, snow, etc. - did I mention snow?) here goes:

Speaking Michigan

Nick and the Leftie Awards

Kudos to Nick DeLeeuw over at I especially like his commentary about Andy Dillon, school kids and iPods.

Is Michigan Ready for Medical Marijuana?

Although I have a pretty strong opinion on this one, I'm curious what the rest of West Michigan thinks.

There's An Exception To Every Rule

Generally I am opposed to any tax increases, but there are exceptions to every self-imposed rule. Take the proposed tax for the (Holland) airport authority. There are persuadable arguments on both sides of this issue and we can look forward to many editorials, letters to the editor, etc. outlining the pros and cons. But at the end of the day, this is a local tax with local control for a local project that benefits our local area. Jobs are not created out of nothing. . . . . . jobs require investment and that's what this tax does. It invests in our area's future and our jobs.